Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Going, Going...

UPDATE: Extended Until May 31st!

Almost Gone!

And, since there is only ONE person in it so far, guess who's gonna win it?!?

Are you gonna let that happen? Don't you want a chance to win? To give to others while doing so? Remember the prize:

Cricut Cake
You can read all about it on the Raffle Blog or the Scrapbook Royalty site just don't let this opportunity pass you by!

Be the one on March 31st May 31st! when they pick the winner!


Valerie M said...

The Donate button on this page doesn't work:

Thought you'd want to know!

Pam Hoffman said...

Thank you Valerie! Things are in flux due to the transition to the new website!

Pam Hoffman