Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The September Charitable Challenge focused on Best Friends

We have handmade art for a special auction to benefit this very worthy cause!

Best Friend

Below is the items up for Auction and a link to place a bid on ebay!

To bid on the items. click on the item number!

Item # 1
Timeless Painting

Timeless painting

Starting Bid - $15.00
Item 300483214524

Item # 2
Painted Boxes

3 Box

Starting Bid - $10.00
Item 300483219726

Item # 3
CupCake Love Painting

I Love you Panting

Starting Bid - $15.00
Item 300483221763

Item #4
Recipe/Note Card Holder

Recipe Card holder

Note holder

Starting Bid - $5.00
Item 300483223365

Item #5
Family Unique Paper Bag Photo Album

Family Paper bag album

back Family paper bag album

Starting Bid - $5.00
Item 300483224792

Item #6
Bird of a Feather Painting

Birds of a Feather
Starting Bid - $15.00
Item 300483225944

Item #7
Paper Bag Photo Album

Album paper bag!

Inside paper bag Album
Starting Bid - $5.00
Item 300483227729

All items will end on October 26th 2010!

Happy Bidding!

Remember all the proceeds from these items will go to:

Best Friend

About Best Friends Animal Society:


  • A better world through kindness to animals.


  • No More Homeless Pets.


* Develop, implement and share world-class standards for companion animal care, including their physical, emotional and behavioral health.

* End the killing of animals who are labeled "unadoptable" in shelters, by bringing about a time when every pet can enjoy a loving home and when every family can find their special companion through humane sources. (We call this our No More Homeless Pets campaign.)

* Initiate and lead social action on behalf of animals everywhere by providing organizational resources and vision, and by sharing our knowledge and experience freely, so that all communities can achieve the goal of No More Homeless Pets

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Wine Not?

Till April 3oth, 2010:
Vinotemp Wine Cellar Raffle Value $1095

Winner will be drawn on April 30th
click here for more info and to buy your tickets

To benefit: Cancer Coping Center, San Dieguito Boys & Girls Club!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Going, Going...

UPDATE: Extended Until May 31st!

Almost Gone!

And, since there is only ONE person in it so far, guess who's gonna win it?!?

Are you gonna let that happen? Don't you want a chance to win? To give to others while doing so? Remember the prize:

Cricut Cake
You can read all about it on the Raffle Blog or the Scrapbook Royalty site just don't let this opportunity pass you by!

Be the one on March 31st May 31st! when they pick the winner!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Want a Wine Cooler?

To cool your wine?

One Vinotemp Wine Cellar Raffle Value $1095 up for grabs.*

You could win this wine cooler if you visit the Scrapbook Royalty Raffle webpage for this item and follow the instructions there.

Winner will be chosen on April 30, 2010

*We are raising money for the Cancer Coping Center and San Dieguito Boys & Girls Club in conjunction with the Royalty over the Rainbow Event.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Make a Difference!

Did you see the Original Blue Ribbon Story video?

How did it impacted you? What can you do to make a difference in the world? How about making a difference to just one person?

It seems like such a small gesture yet who knows what your recognition will bring to someone else?

And Scrapbook Royalty will certainly recognize your efforts too!
Have you seen the prizes for the Difference Makers Raffle so far?

Would it make a difference for YOU!?!

What if you won the Cricut Cake? Would you use it as a gift? Would you keep it and create amazing food art? Could it get you into a magazine?

And how about the people around you? Do THEY make a difference? In YOUR life? In other people's lives?

What would show the world? Maybe a little blue ribbon?

How about get them one?

Difference Makers Raffle: contest to sell Blue ribbons

Go now and see what YOU can do to Make a Difference!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Thursday, March 4, 2010

More Winners Announced!

I think Teri put it very nicely on the Scrapbook Royalty Blog. Please visit there for the list of additional winner to the Teresa Collins Bling Chandelier raffle!

Thank you.